Life Is Fatal ☠️

Keanu Reeves

It's an undeniable fact that life is bad for you - no one gets out alive.

No, this isn't an existential post on the futility of life, more on embracing growing older and understanding the not-so-important challenges it presents.

Whilst this post won't engage with many of you, there is a certain demographic (myself included) that is nudging the wrong side of middle age, and growing grey 'gracefully' (although I prefer to grow grey disgracefully).

Leaving aside my issues with how men become 'distinguished' whilst women aren't afforded the same generosity, I recently fell down the google hole of beard dyes (true story - I'm growing my hair out and have over-inflated ideals of looking like Keanu Reeves and sadly realised that whilst plastic surgery was out of the question, colouring my hair might be within budget constraints).

Given that covering the grey in your hair whilst leaving grey in your bear is as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike, has anyone ever tried Grizzy Mountain Beard Dyes? Having read countless horror stories of chemical burns, rashes and rainbow hues I discounted the Just For Men options years ago. Keen to try this however as it is all natural and organic. In fact, if a few of you are keen to try, I'd happily import some and sell on. Drop us an email if you have any feedback.

What is the consensus? Do many of you here cover up the grey? To be honest I hadn't given it any thought until growing out my hair, but now I just want to look like Keanu 😂

Mat || The Southern Alps Beard Co 

Photographs copyright David Sims

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