What do your products do?

Our products are here to help soften your beard hair and reduce skin irritation, thereby reducing itch. The natural oils nourish the skin and moisturise dry problem skin, calm and even work to reduce oiliness in combination skins. Beard balms also add a degree of light control with beeswax providing some extra taming power. And they smell pretty good too. You're not going to walk around like an air fragrancer all day, just have a subtle but awesome man scent.

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All our products contain natural, organic ingredients. As the products are natural they are best stored carefully in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. The exception to this is the Nude Coconut Beard Oil which requires to be kept above around 12ºC otherwise it will start to solidify. This does not effect it's performance - to liquify simply hold the bottle under warm running water, or better still, keep it in the shower!

We make all our products by hand here in the Southern Alps New Zealand and never test on animals. 

Do you care about stuff?!

Hell yes we do! We don't dropship crap from overseas, we don't exploit workers, we use organic and sustainable ingredients wherever we can and we never test any of our products, or ingredients on animals.

What's more we even pay you to return your empty bottles and tins for use to re-use.

So yes, we care ✌️

How can I pay?

You can use your credit/debit card or PayPal to handle transactions. If you have any difficulties, just email hello@southernalpsbeardco.nz and we can help work something out.

How long before I receive my products?

Once we receive your payment, orders will be shipped within 24 hours (usually the next working day). Shipping is free for orders over $60, otherwise we charge a flat rate of $7 for NZ Post tracked delivery, usually arriving in 3-7 days. See our Shipping and Returns page for details.

Do you deliver outside New Zealand?

That's a tricky one, generally no unfortunately. We have had too many breakages and lost/returned items to make it reliable, plus the cost of sending international has increased beyond what many customers are willing to pay. If that hasn't put you off, please contact us and we can arrange shipping to most countries.

Can I gift your products?

Yes - we encourage you to do so! Receipts will be handled electronically, so there is no paper trail to send with the order.

Do you offer returns?

Yes - please see our Shipping and Returns page for details.