Send us your empties and receive $🤑$

 Send us your empties

After scouring the globe (literally!) for sustainable packaging for your organic beard oils and balms, we drew a blank and realised that what we had was probably the best to contain your precious oils.

We don't pay lip service to being sustainable and certainly aren't interested in greenwashing you. Whilst kerbside recycling is good, it still uses precious resources and the best option, in our opinion, is to re-use.

With that in mind, we decided to hark back to the glory days of the 10c refund on used bottles (we're old so the 70's were real to us) and are now proud to offer a recycling scheme for your returned Southern Alps Beard Co bottles and tins.

Here's how it works:

  1. Rinse your used bottles and tins with warm water and let them dry
  2. Pop them in a Post Office/Jiffy bag - bonus points if you use recycled paper ones like the ones we post out in (even more bonus points if you re-use our bag 🤩)
  3. Address to: SABC Returns, 37 Ferry Hill Drive, Lower Shotover, Queenstown 9371
  4. Add your name and email address on some paper or the package
  5. Once your package is received we will email you with a code for a shop credit worth $7 per bottle and/or $5 per tin (up to a max of $12) - this is to cover your postage and time
  6. Spend your well earned credit and bask in the glow of having saved some of the earths resources ✌️