Harder Better Faster Stronger beard? Read on...

So, you think this guy just woke up with an awesome beard one day? Doubtful. You have to work on it...

We've been getting a few messages this last week asking if we have products that can help your beard grow harder, better, faster, stronger so we thought it would be good to chat about it...

Our products will 100% guarantee you will:

  1. Grow a beard (period)
  2. Grow it faster
  3. Grow it longer
  4. Make it thicker
  5. Get more attention from those whom you desire

Oh hang on. No. They won't because we're not into bullsh#t claims.

No, we can't help you get the beard of your dreams overnight because there's more to it than that.

There's genetics (sorry, unless you're one of my kids I can't help you out there), your age (if you're in your twenties then you may just have to wait) and oh so many other factors. So long as you've packed away your razor and shaving cream then that's a great start, but here are some real life tips to help you on your quest:

  • Sleep on it Yes, beard (and hair growth in general) improves with a good night's sleep. If you have small children, sorry but give up now because it's just not going to happen. 
  • Eat well I know, this is boring isn't it? But getting fresh vegetables and protein is essential for beard growth. Supplements? If you're eating a healthy diet then no. If you're not, then you should be.
  • Take a chill pill Stressful lifestyles can impact on hair growth, so take some time out.

The take home? Well, without wanting to sound all new age about it, live a healthy life and that will maximise your chances of growing your dream beard...

Michael Johnson

Image Courtesy of BadgerMag


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