Hand crafted, made in New Zealand and organic. What does it mean and why should I care?

You could be forgiven for thinking "Why do I care if my beard oil is made by hand?" or "Does my beard balm really need to be organic?!".

We think you do need to care.

Being hand crafted makes no difference to the efficacy of a beard grooming product, but it does mean that it's made here in New Zealand, by someone who lives and breathes beards. It's not drop shipped from some warehouse by a machine. It's also not bought in from overseas and re-branded as being "NZ Pure". 

We know exactly what is in our beard oils because we make them. There is not and will never be any chemicals. No water. No cheap oils.

Does this mean it's more expensive?

Well, no. Absolutely not. We don't think that quality should cost you more.

Look at our competitors (but please come back) - sure you can snag a 30ml bottle of Lamberts for $25, saving you $10. But we sell man size 50ml bottles for $35. Cheaper*, lasts longer and has less packaging. Winning. 

Lastly, why do we use organic ingredients? Beard products spend a lot of time on your face. Let's be honest, some of that's going to get in your mouth at some point! So do you really want more chemicals on your skin, in your body? Nah, not when you have the choice to get chemical free products for the same price as other not so pure brands. So why not?

Sales post over. Thanks, now go and enjoy your beard 🧔🏻

*in case you're not as good as maths as when you were younger, our oils come out as $0.70/ml, our competitors $0.83/ml. You're welcome.

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