The re-birth of beard

The re-birth of beard

Let’s face it, even CEO’s are rocking beards these days. That doesn’t mean it’s become passé, oh no, it just means that you no longer have to be a stinking hippy to rock a beard. Be honest with yourself, you’re ready to join the bandwagon, yeah? OK, do yourself and your loved ones a favour and do it right.

Here’s The Southern Alps Beard Co’s top three beard tips.

  1. A beard isn’t for life, it can just be for Christmas I know, selling beard products you’d think we’d advocate the perma-beard. No. Go for a week, rock it. On holiday? Go bush! New job? Go get it trimmed professionally or get rid. Treat it as your new favourite pair of jeans – you know they’re awesome now but who knows what the future holds for them – they could be on Trade Me next week or stay with you to the grave. Embrace change.
  2. Beard is good, but a walrus you are not Trim your beard - not manically but think about it, do you want to say Hi to your better half (or prospective better half) with this morning’s breakfast in it? No. Do you want to tuck your beard into your jumper? No. Consider a neckline – if it’s facing the floor it’s good; facing the wall, shave it. Trim judiciously. Consider some good scissors rather than trimmers. It’s easy to mess up with a trimmer. Trust us.
  3. Look after your beard (and here’s the plug) OK, so we sell beard products but we’re not heartless (beardless?) corporates. No, The Southern Alps Beard Co came from a very personal need to get face hair in check. You do need to look after your beard unless you’ve literally gone bush (in which case how are you even reading this?). Beard oil. Beard balm. They are your friends. Beard shampoo? Yeah, that really is bullshit, which is why we don’t make it.

Tame your mane and you’ll feel good about yourself and you might even earn more money and be more popular - we can’t promise that, but if it works for you – we’d love to hear from you...

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